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Building Design

Structural design is at the heart of everything we do at QDA. We know that high quality, detailed designs translate into more efficient construction and long-term cost-savings, and we are dedicated to upholding the integrity of our industry. It is our commitment to our Clients, to engineering, and to the science – and art – of building that has earned us a reputation for excellence.

Areas of Expertise

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Structural Restoration

Regular review and maintenance is paramount to preserve the structural integrity of all buildings, particularly parking garages, podium decks, and balconies. QDA's team of specialists conduct condition assessments and create cost-effective plans to keep structures in sound condition to stand the elements and the test of time.

Renovations + Expansions

Our dedicated engineers excel at designing expansions, modifications, and retrofits for any type of building. Whether the objective is to accommodate a new use, improve functionality, or simply modernize, QDA will review the existing conditions, model possible solutions, and work with the client to devise the most effective construction strategy.

Heritage Conservation

Our restoration expertise includes primary structural elements (slabs, walls, and columns) and exterior building cladding (masonry, pre-cast, concrete, and curtain walls). We've helped preserve many different types of structures churches, historic homes, facades, public artworks, and high-rise office buildings.

Hilton Niagara
Sundial Folly

Our team of experts excel at identifying deficiencies and risks in seismic force resisting systems. Whether evaluating a current system, or upgrading your space to a Post-Disaster occupancy, we can perform linear and non-linear seismic analyses on virtually any structural system and design seismic retrofits to ensure your structure is safe and reliable against seismic loading. 


Post-Disaster + Seismic Studies