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About Us

Quinn Dressel Associates is proud to be celebrating 45 years of structural engineering excellence.

For 45 years, Quinn Dressel Associates (QDA) has carved a reputation as a leader of the engineering field, in both design quality and commitment to excellence. Since the founding partnership of Pat Quinn and Dirk Dressel started the firm in 1979, QDA has designed some of Canada's most iconic buildings, and over the years has evolved to serve a diverse cross-section of architects, corporations, governments, and developers in the U.S, Bermuda, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

With the emergence of 3D modelling software and increasingly powerful analytical tools, today’s structures are constantly pushing the limits of structural complexity. We have a proven track record of taking on multiple large-scale and complex projects simultaneously and we have earned the respect and recognition of our peers in the industry for consistent production of structural systems that stand the test of time.

A strong dedication to the Client, to engineering, and to the science – and art – of building that inspires QDA to uphold a higher standard of design.

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