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Quinn Dressel Associates has been involved in a multitude of projects involving academic institutions over the years. More information on a few of these projects can be found below:

Bishop Strachan School - Photo Courtesy of Bondfield Construction

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University of Toronto, Mississauga: Communication, Culture & Information Technology Building - Photo Courtesy of Saucier+Perrotte Architectes

University of Toronto - Mississauga - Communication, Culture & Information Technology Building

This 113,000ft2 building is located at the University of Toronto Mississauga Erindale campus, and was constructed for the Communication, Culture & Information Technology program. The facility accommodates lecture theatres, a multi-media studio, an e-gallery, classrooms, laboratories, and offices on three floors. Constructed below is also a new parking garage which has capacity for approximately 400 vehicles.

Bishop Strachan School - Alterations & Additions​, Toronto

This project entailed the significant expansion of the Bishop Strachan School, a top private boarding school located in Toronto, Ontario. The expansion involved the design and construction of a Gymnasium and Fitness Centre of approximately 24,500 ft2, an adjacent 70-car parking garage of 25,000 ft2, and a new Classroom Wing of approximately 28,500 ft2. Renovations to a number of corridor links within the existing complex were also undertaken.  To optimize the use of the campus space, the sports courts were located above the gymnasium, and a new playing field situated over the parking garage.

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Bishop Strachan School - Photo Courtesy of Bondfield Construction


University of Toronto McMurrich Building - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (N.M.R.) Unit Installation

The McMurrich Building at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus, an existing building built circa 1910, was due to be equipped with a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit. Quinn Dressel Associates undertook the design of grade beams to support this installation on the ground floor, transferring the weight of the unit to the existing foundations. The existing sloping lecture theatre above was also demolished and a new horizontal concrete floor was installed while maintaining the existing stone masonry walls.

St. Michael's College School Stage III Addition, Toronto

As part of a major redevelopment program in accordance with the school's Master Plan, several new construction stages were initiated to bring St. Michael’s College School's systems up to Code and to upgrade its technology in order to keep its student’s learning experiences current in various academic fields. The Stage III Addition to St. Michael's College School included a three-storey addition of approximately 55,000ft2 which houses classrooms and the Odette Library.

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University of Toronto - McLennan Building

University of Toronto: McLennan, Galbraith & Sandford Fleming, Wallberg & Pratt Building Repairs & Modifications

Quinn Dressel Associates has been involved in numerous repair and modification projects for buildings on the University of Toronto St. George Campus over the years. A small sampling of these is noted for the above-named buildings: structural back-pinning of the limestone panels, mortar repointing, caulking replacement, limestone repairs, and sandblasting of the façade of the McLennan Building. For the Galbraith & Sandford Fleming Buildings we have analyzed the relevant structural beams, columns and foundations, and reinforced elements as required, for the installation of two, self-contained units for switch and transformer rooms on the roof. We provided structural services for a new electrical room, replacing two at-grade parking spaces, added above the HV Substation of the Wallberg Building. Similarly, we accommodated an extension of the existing penthouse on the roof of the Pratt Building to house two new transformers.