Sustainability has become a key factor in the design of high-quality projects.  Changes in public awareness and an ever-increasing demand for building designs that are responsive to a shift in climate consciousness requires a new vision in the way in which buildings are designed and assembled.  QDA is committed to incorporating that new vision into every aspect of the construction process.

Quinn Dressel Associates recognizes the potentiality and relevance of including sustainability principles in the development of the concept, design, resource procurement, construction and operative life of the building.  Environmental impacts can be avoided, and socio-economic benefits can be achieved, throughout all the phases of construction, use and demolition of

Concrete Crushing & Recycling

the building.  We therefore strive to provide analysis and solutions that take into consideration the lifecycle of materials, health and sustainability.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Design for present and future facility needs and resource use

  • Integration of designs with other building consultants to ensure cross-sector synergies, quality, innovation and forward-thinking

  • Assessments for the more sustainable use of raw materials and construction techniques