As buildings age, regular review and maintenance are paramount to preserving their structural integrity. This is particularly critical when they are exposed to conditions that promote deterioration. Parking garages, podium decks, and balconies are just a few examples of typical structures most likely to experience accelerated deterioration due to exposure to moisture and chlorides, although there are many other situations that may lead to the damage and deterioration of structures.

Parking Lot

Without regular maintenance, rates of deterioration will increase over time, making repairs more costly and potentially creating unsafe conditions for occupancy of the structure in future. Quinn Dressel Associates has the experience and expertise to assess the health of your structure, provide a diagnosis of its condition, prepare a strategy to restore the structure to safe and sound condition, and work with the Owner and Contractors to ensure an effective repair.

Much like getting regular oil changes, maintenance, and repairs to your vehicle to increase its lifespan, your structure benefits from the same level of attention, saving you time and capital in the long term.