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Our understanding of data centre requirements and our extensive experience in this field have allowed us to successfully contribute to an ongoing stream of data centres. See below for a few examples of our data centres and other technology-based works:

Global ICT Centre, Montreal - Photo Courtesy of WZMH Architects

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Data Centre Accommodation in Existing Building, Toronto

Our services for this project involved adding a new data centre within an existing building sensitive to vibrations. The work included infill of approximately 17,000ft2 of floor space at the 9th floor level for use as white space, the development of white space at the 3rd and 8th floor levels, the support of three 55,000lb cooling towers as well as eight dry-coolers and remote radiators at roof level, and the installation of generators, fuel storage, UPS and electrical rooms, and chiller plants at the 4th basement level. Shafts for the generator stacks, mechanical and electrical risers were also required to be accommodated up through the building. All steel for this project had to be acoustically and vibrationally isolated from the existing structure.

Royal Bank Data Centre, Guelph

This project consisted of the structural design for a 35,500ft2 expansion of the existing data centre located in Guelph, Ontario. The addition accommodates five 2.25 MW diesel generators and associated switchgear, transformers, and miscellaneous mechanical equipment.  An underground fuel tank vault of approximately 4,300ft2 was also included.  The structural design for this expansion is a ‘hybrid’ of structural steel framing with reinforced concrete shear walls strategically placed to resist bomb blast.  The design meets the requirements for a post-disaster structure, and includes design load accommodation of F2 tornado forces.

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Global ICT Centre, Montreal - Photo Courtesy of WZMH Architects

Global ICT Centre, Montreal

Built at a cost of over $220M, a 183,000ft2 Technical Space and 35,500ft2 Ancillary (Office) Building comprise this facility. The structural design for this Data Centre overcame significant challenges due to poor soil conditions on the chosen site. Completed in 2016, the facility features a total of eight data halls, a long-span curved roof, and a secondary roof, deep pile foundations, and a suspended ground floor slab. The Ancillary Building also has provision for future expansion of its second floor.

IBM Canada Training Centre and Parkade, Markham

Built on 26 acres, this 872,000ft2 facility is comprised of eight buildings, six connecting atriums, and a central spine, and accommodates almost 4,000 people. The $180M facility houses a customer and IBM employee education centre and a technology support centre for customers across Canada. The structure consists of a reinforced concrete flat slab with columns at roughly 30ft centres, and is designed to accommodate the building automation system and advanced mechanical, electrical and communication systems. Three bridges link the building to the seven-floor, split-level parking structure which has approximately 904,100ft2 of parking space for employees and visitors.

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Cogeco Data Centre, Etobicoke

With provision for 20,000ft2 of white space and over 10,000ft2 of ancillary services space, the structural design work for this project included review of the existing structure for imposed loads, and the design and detailing of foundations and enclosure for three, 2MW generators mounted on custom-built frames at grade.

IBM Canada Software Development Facility, Markham

This 525,000ft2 structure is comprised of four interconnected modules, each of four storeys. The ultra-modern facility features a district heating and cooling system provided by Markham Hydro as well as a raised second floor for computer equipment, and is designed to support the increased live load imposed by specific mechanical, electrical and computer requirements. Quinn Dressel Associates’ skill in creating column-free space was also utilized in affecting the column transfer on the second floor in order to maximize the ground floor auditorium space. Constructed on a fast-track regime, the project met its completion dates despite a nine-week strike involving concrete materials suppliers. As part of this project, our scope of work also included the foundation designs for the roughly 395ft long, two-span pedestrian bridge, design of the 40ft vehicular bridge across the Rouge River, and IBM’s largest Ontario daycare centre.