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Our commercial and corporate designs grace skylines around the world. A few are noted below:

Downtown Toronto - Royal Bank Plaza

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Scotia Plaza - Photo Courtesy of Steve Evans Photography & WZMH Architects

Scotia Plaza, Toronto

Planned over a number of years, the initial proposal for Scotia Plaza was for a 64-storey building. During the design phase, our expertise and recommendation of a concrete tube & core structure allowed for the design to be extended to the 902ft, 70-storey structure visible today. Its five basement levels include three levels of parking accommodating over 700 vehicles. The structure incorporated advanced features of design and construction for the time, including ultra-high-strength concrete (70MPa), self-climbing formwork for vertical elements, concrete pumping from across the street (a distance of 70m, to a maximum height of 902ft), investigation and restraint of lateral rock relief movement in deep foundations, and the use of liquid nitrogen as a concrete cooling agent. The $200M project had structural costs of under $18.60/ft2, and won us the Canadian Consulting Engineering Award – Award of Merit Structural Design 1988.

"The Tornado" QIPCO Office Tower, Doha, Qatar Design Assistance

Situated in the heart of Doha's West Bay Central Business District, the 52-storey hyperboloid Tornado Tower offers 624,000ft2 of inspiring executive ambience. A full range of high-end business facilities are offered, including a Conference Centre, 27th floor fitness centre, 28th floor sky-view restaurant and coffee shop, as well as retail, banking branches, and a high-tech media belt situated on the ground floor. Tornado Tower's outer steel structure is accented by a unique lighting system with LED Technology. For this project, Quinn Dressel Associates provided an independent review and analysis of the design completed by others in order to confirm its structural adequacy and integrity. Value-engineering recommendations and consulting discussions for the design were also provided.

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The Tornado - Photo Courtesy of Terri Boake

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Canadian Broadcasting Centre (CBC), Toronto

The CBC Broadcasting Centre in Toronto is visually and technologically one of the most exciting developments in North America.  It is a 10 storey, 1,722,000ft2 building with a 130,000ft2 floor plate containing comprehensive radio and TV production and broadcast facilities outfitted with leading-edge technology. Post-tensioned beams are used in the studio spaces to achieve 62ft clear spans. The foundation system is also unique, designed to acoustically isolate the total building from ground-borne vibrations.  Individual studios within the building are isolated from building or service-borne vibrations. Large, isolated elevators were included for the transportation of sets between studios.  A full-grown adult elephant was once transported via these elevators for a televised circus act on the upper studio floor.

Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto

Royal Bank Plaza houses the international headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada in two triangular office towers, 41 and 26 storeys high. Amazingly, real 24-carat gold leaf is baked into each pane of the glass windows of the towers; reflecting the light as they do, these towers have become an iconic part of the Toronto skyline. The towers are connected by a glass-enclosed atrium rising 12 storeys above the main banking hall. Below grade are two levels of retail with direct access to the Toronto Transit System, and three levels of parking. In total, the facility is 2,250,000ft2 in area.

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Shanghai Securities Exchange  - Photo Courtesy of Terri Boake

Shanghai Securities Exchange Building

The Shanghai Securities Exchange Building is comprised of two, 26-storey towers, with a six-storey deep truss spanning 207ft between them. At $130M U.S., and with approximately 1,077,000ft2 of floor space, the structure features a 30,100ft2 column-free trading floor at the 5th floor level. Built in extremely poor soil conditions, but with three levels of underground parking, the substructure consists of a 31½”-thick slurry wall and a nearly 10ft-thick mat foundation on driven concrete piles. The cores of the structure are also constructed of reinforced concrete, while the remainder of the above-grade construction is steel.