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University of Toronto - Communications, Culture and Information Technology Building, Toronto

The new 10,500 m2 building is located at the University of Toronto at Mississauga for the Communication, Culture & Information Technology program. The building, constructed above a new parking garage extending approximately 10.5 metres below grade, accommodates lecture theatres, a multi-media studio, an e-gallery, classrooms, laboratories and offices on three floors. 

The new underground parking facility of 14,500 m2 houses approximately 400 cars on three levels. The roof of the parking garage is approximately 1.5m above existing grade and part of it is used as the platform upon which the new CCIT complex is built. 

The complex consists of four interconnected areas: a large 500-seat lecture theatre with its own massing; a relatively narrow link to the South Building along the east side of the complex with offices and breakout rooms on the three floors above; a link along the south face of the building connecting the large theatre to the east link and having offices on the second and third floors above; and a main block measuring approximately 29m x 46m, which houses the remaining lecture theatres, laboratories and classrooms.

Number of Storeys: 4

Size: 14, 500 m2

Photos Courtesy of Saucier + Perrotte Architectes