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Data Centres Projects

Our expertise in the structural design of data centres has been rewarded by repeat business from our clients. Our portfolio includes IBM Software Development Facility, Markham; CBC Building Data Centre, Toronto; Royal Bank GCC Edison Project Phase 2 Expansion, Guelph and ICT Data Centre, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.

  • 431 Horner Avenue, Cogeco Data Centre, Toronto

    The space was designed for 3-2MW generators. There was provision for 20,000 sq. ft. of white space and over 10,000 sq. ft. of ancillary services space. The structural design work consisted of checking the existing structure for imposed loads and the design and detailing of foundations and the enclosure for the generators mounted on custom-built frames at grade.

  • ICT Data Centre, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
    The Data Centre has a footprint area of approximately 17,000 square meter and consists of eight data halls with a curved roof.  One of the features of the building was a full double roof.   

    The Class D (compressible clays and silt) soil designation exacerbated the seismic loads and the 30-35m deep piles were challenging in terms of schedule. Piling operations were carried out while the ground was frozen so that the rigs would be more easily supported. The ground floor slab was a suspended slab supported on piles because of the large loading requirements for the Data Centre on such poor soil conditions. 

    Built at a cost of over $220M, the 17,000 sq.m. Technical Space and 3,300 sq.m. Ancillary (Office) Building presented significant challenges because of the poor soil conditions. Completed in July 2016, the facility features a long-span curved roof structure (with 21m by 7.2 m grid), a secondary roof, deep piled foundation and a suspended ground floor slab. The Ancillary Building has provision for future expansion of the second floor.

    Number of Storeys: 2
    Size:  17,000 sq. m.
  • Royal Bank GCC Edison, Guelph
    The project consisted of the structural design for a 3,300 m2 expansion to the existing Computer Centre for the Royal Bank of Canada in Guelph, Ontario. The addition accommodates 5 -2.25 MW diesel generators and associated switchgear, transformers as well as miscellaneous mechanical equipment. An underground fuel tank vault of approximately 400 m2 is included. The structural design is a ‘hybrid’ of structural steel framing with reinforced concrete shear walls strategically placed to resist bomb blast. The design loads included gravity loads, normal wind and F2 tornado forces, seismic loads as per Ontario Building Code. The design meets the requirements for a post-disaster structure.
  • Cogeco Data Centre, 431 Horner Avenue, Toronto
    The structural design work consisted of checking the existing structure for imposed loads and the design and detailing of foundations and the enclosure for the generators mounted on custom-built frames at grade.
  • IBM Canada (8200 Warden Avenue) – Software Development Facility, Markham
    The structural is designed to accommodate the building automation system, and the advance mechanical,  electrical and communication systems. 

    The 525,000 sq. ft facility comprises four interconnected modules, each consisting of four storeys. The ultra-modern facility features a new district heating and cooling system provided by Markham Hydro as well as a raised second floor for computer equipment. Construction was under a fast-track regime that required a significant pro-active contribution from Quinn Dressel Associates in order that occupancy dates could be achieved. 

    It was constructed on a fast-track, seven-month schedule to meet the original structure completion date of October, 2000. Normally, not an extraordinary feature, until a strike of nine weeks duration involving concrete material suppliers was factored in. 

    Quinn Dressel Associates was notably proactive in ensuring that IBM had not only their Facility designed to meet their specific and challenging structural requirements, but had it on time. 

    The structure features a 9 metre x 9 metre reinforced concrete flat slab system designed to support an increased live load of 6 kN/m2 imposed by specific mechanical, electrical and computer requirements. Likewise, architectural constraints led to unique and structurally challenging positioning of the mechanical, electrical and computer services. Our brief was expanded to include foundation design of the120-m long two-span pedestrian bridge, design of the 12 m long vehicular bridge across the Rouge River, and IBM’s largest Daycare in Ontario. 

    Quinn Dressel Associates’ skill in creating column-free space, evident in such notable projects as the Royal Bank of Canada/Dominion Securities Trading Floor, and the SSEB Trading Floor, was utilised in affecting the column transfer on the second floor to maximise the ground floor auditorium space.

    Number of Storeys: 4
    Size:  525,000 sq. ft.
  • CBC Building Data Centre, Toronto
    Adding a new data centre within an existing broadcast building sensitive to vibrations was one of the many challenges posed by this project. Our services included the infill of approximately 17,000 square feet of floor space 60 ft. wide at the Level 9 elevation for use as white space; the development of white space at the 3rd and 8th floor levels, the support of 3-55,000 lb cooling towers as well as eight (8) dry-coolers and remote radiators at roof level; and at the B4 basement level the installation of generators, fuel storage, UPS and electrical rooms and chiller plants. Shafts for the generator stacks, mechanical and electrical risers were also required up through the building. All steel had to be acoustically and vibrationally isolated from the existing structure.