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Canadian Chancery Building, Warsaw, Poland

The renovation of the existing Canadian Chancery Building in Warsaw consisted of partial demolition of the three-storey structure; the ground floor and the basement were retained. The existing Chancery building was inadequate for the needs of DFAIT, and so it was decided to expand the building. However, difficulties with the existing design, in particular the structure configuration and floor-to-floor heights, led ultimately to the decision to demolish the structure to the ground floor level. The existing basement was retained with a new three-storey 3,300 sq.m. extension being added above it. 

The restrictions imposed by the existing column configuration and the soil conditions, coupled with the architect’s requirement for open space and particular placement of new columns, made this a very challenging design structurally with very little repetition of the structural grid, and multiple column load transfers. 

Several challenges presented themselves in the design, not least of which were the larger cantilever balconies on the north and south faces of the building and the requirement to tie into the existing structure at ground floor level. Because of the irregular column layout of the existing building, severe restraints were imposed on the structural configuration. A reinforced concrete structure was used throughout because of security requirements, except for the rooftop mechanical penthouse.

Photos Courtesy of WZMH