About Us

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 Innovative Engineering.

High Quality.

Superior Service. 

Established in 1979, Quinn Dressel Associates is widely recognised for its major buildings throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and China.

We have earned the respect and recognition of our peers in the industry for consistent production of sound and creative designs of structural systems for all types of buildings across the world.  Though relatively modest in size, we have undertaken multiple very large and complex projects, often simultaneously.  We have maintained the integrity of quality design by our dedication to each and every project, by having partners involved at all stages of the project, by a careful selection of bright and talented team of individuals, and by our unique team approach.

We pride ourselves on the “hands-on” approach by our partners, a very important aspect in the overall cohesiveness of a major project.  The principals, with extensive collective experience of engineering practice backed by accumulated knowledge and wisdom, lead the project team from inception to completion.  The fundamental ideology of our firm is to provide the client with the best possible project produced within budget and on schedule.  Our philosophy actively promotes the development of a bond of trust and co-operation between all members of the project team.  It is this commitment to our clients, to engineering, and to the science - and art - of building that has given us a reputation for excellence.

We have extensive experience in working co-operatively with all levels of government, institutions, banks, major corporations, developers and international and local architects.   We have successfully completed projects of large scope and complexity and justified our designs through peer review, value engineering and cost comparisons.  Our office dynamics are deliberately characterised by a flexible, intense interaction as a team.  The resulting frank and open exchange results in maximum creativity, with idea begetting idea, thereby promoting alternatives and optimum solutions.  Our team approach is particularly suited to exciting, challenging and unique projects demanding innovative and original structural design.

We have won a reputation for outstanding work on projects requiring specialised engineering responses.  High quality, innovative engineering and superior service are the values which are reflected in the diversity and scope of our practice.